Frequent Asked Questions[FAQs]


What is the value proposition of the Harsoria offerings?
Ans: Harsoria products have the highest standards of reliability at the most economical cost.

Which international standards does Harsoria follow?
Ans: Harsoria follows the guidelines and recommendations of ISO 13485, and Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

What products does Harsoria offer?
Ans: Harsoria manufactures the following products:

  1. IV Cannula with/without port ad with/without wings, gauges 12 to 26
  2. Safety IV Cannula
  3. AV Fistula Needles
  4. 3 Way Stop Cocks
  5. Bloodlines for Hemodialysis
  6. Extension Tubes (with or without 3 Way Stop Cock)
  7. Flow Regulators (with Drip Chamber)
  8. Injection Stoppers
  9. Obturators
  10. Combi Luer Lock
  11. Transducer Protector
IV Cannulae are available with clear or radiopaque catheters. The following are the specifications for each size:

How do I order samples/catalogues of Harsoria products?
Ans: Samples/ Catalogues can be requested from our website, or through email, or by writing to our corporate address.

CLICK HERE to order samples/ catalogues

How do I place orders for Harsoria products?
Ans: You can place orders through our website, email, or by writing to our corporate address. To tell us about your order requirements.CLICK HERE

How do I know that Harsoria products are safe to use?
Ans: Harsoria products follow a regimen of physical, biological and chemical tests before they are despatched to the consumer. Among other things, tests are done to confirm that products are pyrogen free and sterile. Sophisticated tests will reveal any chance of harm that can be done to the user, and any such products if found are rejected.

How does Harsoria sterilise products?
Ans: All Harsoria products are sterilised with an in-house steriisation facility that follows ISO 11135 norms. Sterilisation is done with Ethylene Oxide gas, and the products are subsequently validated and tested for sterility.

Why are Radiopaque Catheters used ?
Ans: Fluroscopy stripes in catheters act as markers. The stripes absorb x-rays, making the catheter visible using fluroscopy. The fluroscopy stripes, just like the rest of the catheter, are biocompatible.

What makes Harsoria products painless?
Ans: Harsoria IV Cannulae use siliconised triple bevel cut needles for painless venipuncture. The catheters are made of PTFE, which offers very low resistance during insertion in the vein. The catheters are tapered at the end to provide a painless transition between the needle and the catheter tip.

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