• Safety AV Fistula Needle allows venous and arterial access for patients undergoing hemodialysis
  • Ultra-thin wall stainless steel needle (with or without back-eye) siliconized on both internal and external surfaces:
    • Provides optimum penetration profile
    • Minimizes pain during insertion
    • Maximizes smooth, laminar flow
  • USP Class VI soft, kink-resistant tubing made from medical-grade PVC
  • Rotating, color-coded wings facilitate flipping of needle while allowing for easy gripping and fixation
  • Orientation dot on needle hub enables precise maneuvering of bevel
  • Luer has universal 6% taper to allow smooth connection with standard bloodline sets
  • Available in single pack or twin-pack for better use of space
  • The device AVF set is comprised with a needle safety guard (safety clip)* over the tube towards the needle tip, the needle guard completely encloses the needle and cannot be moved any further.
  • Non-pyrogenic, Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.

Device Specifications:
Gauge NEEDLE Color Code Flow Rate (ml/min)
Ext. Dia (mm) Eff. Length (mm)
15G 1.83 25/32 White 300
16G 1.65 25/32 Green 250
17G 1.47 25/32 Orange 200
Packing Details:
Description Box Size Quantity Per Box
Unit Packing Soft Blister 1
Secondary Packing 428X130X140 MM 50
Tertiary Packing 670X440X310 MM 500
*Gross Weight of Tertiary Packing 10.4kg for single packing
*Gross weight will be vary as per custom device/packaging
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