Frequently Asked Questions

Harsoria products have the highest standards of reliability at the most economical cost.

Harsoria follows the guidelines and recommendations of ISO 13485, and Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

Harsoria manufactures the following products:

  • IV Cannula with/without port ad with/without wings, gauges 12 to 26
  • Safety IV Cannula
  • AV Fistula Needles
  • 3 Way Stop Cocks
  • Bloodlines for Hemodialysis
  • Extension Tubes (with or without 3 Way Stop Cock)
  • Flow Regulators (with Drip Chamber)
  • Injection Stoppers
  • Obturators
  • Combi Luer Lock
  • Transducer Protector

IV Cannulae are available with clear or radiopaque catheters. The following are the specifications for each size:

Samples/ Catalogues can be requested from our website, or through email, or by writing to our corporate address.