Safnule Closed System Safety IV Cannula

Safety IV Cannula – Safnule Closed Sytem

Sizes Available: 18G, 20G, 22G, 24G

Type : Single port and Double port

Catheter Materials: PTFE Clear, PTFE Radio-Opaque; PUR1

Safnule Closed System Safety IV Catheter A Novel Device that offers:

  • Unique and Patented “Quick Release” Mechanism to Ensure Easy Disengagement of Catheter Hub After Deployment
  • Increased Dwell Times/Duration of Use with Reduced Risk of Contamination and Phlebitis
  • Ergonomic Wings for Robust Catheter Securement
  • node Built-in Extension Minimizes Catheter Manipulation adduces Infection Risk
  • Dual Port for Additional Venous Access Site
  • Safety System Eliminates Risk of Accidental Needle stick Injury