Specialty IV Administration Sets (Infusion-Sets)


  • Harsoria can manufacture various kinds of IV Infusion Sets/IV Administration Sets as per customer requirement
  • Premium IV Set with Y-Site and Long Drip Chamber/Long Roller Clamp depicted here
  • Specialized IV Sets with Colored Tubing, Fluid Filters, Needle-Free Y-Sites, Check Valves, etc. available
  • The device tubing & Drip-chamber made of best in-class biocompatible medically treated non-toxic, non-irritant PVC material.
  • The protective cap of the device is manufactured from medical grade LDPE to offer due protection of piercing spike and better penetration of EO for sterilization.
  • The closure piercing / spike of the device is specially designed as per EN ISO 8536-4 for easy compatibility with any type of infusion fluids container.
  • Specially designed roller (thumb) controller offer accurate regulation of infusion rate.
  • Self-sealing bulb latex for extra medication to avoid any contamination and easy flushing.
  • Spike with or without air-vent**.
  • The product having a long drip chamber in PVC/DEHP-free material with in-built 15 micron disk filter for particle filtration from IV fluid OR 60 drops/ml micro-dropper attachment in drip chamber for pediatric IV sets.
  • The product is having a specially designed Vented Spike with 3-micron air vent for pressure equalization with IV fluid container**.
  • Non-pyrogenic, Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.